In addition to Flight into Darkness, Hamid Shokat

In addition to Flight into Darkness,

Shokat is also the author of the acclaimed
Caught in the Crossfire (2016),
a political biography of Qavam-os-
Saltaneh, the five time prime minister
and one of the most pivotal and controversial
figures in the history of modern

Earlier, with a grant from the Buntstift
e.V Foundation, he researched and
authored a two volume study of the
history of the movement of the Iranian
students abroad and the creation
and collapse of the Confederation of
Iranian Students. This work has been
reprinted multiple times.

M.R. Ghanoonparvar, the translator,
is Professor Emeritus of Persian and
Comparative Literature at The University
of Texas at Austin. Ghanoonparvar
has also taught at the University of Isfahan,
the University of Virginia, and
the University of Arizona, and was a
Rockefeller Fellow at the University of
Michigan. He has published widely on
Persian literature and culture in both
English and Persian and is the author
of more than twenty books including
a bestselling cookbook. He was the recipient
of the 2008 Lois Roth Prize for
Literary Translation.
His most recent publications include
Iranian Film and Persian Fiction, Dining
at the Safavid Court, Shahrokh
Meskub’s In the Alley of the Friend, and
Hushang Golshiri’s Book of Jinn. His
forthcoming translations are Moniru
Ravanipur’s The Drowned and These
Crazy Nights, and Shahrnush Parsipur’s
Blue Logus.


Shokat’s extensive biography of Bakhtiar is unquestionably a significant
contribution to the political history of Iran after the Second World War. …
Avoiding a one-dimensional celebratory or vilifying portrayal of Bakhtiar,
Shokat offers a complex, well-documented, and solidly substantiated multilayered
analysis of various stages of Bakhtiar’s life. The picture that emerges is
that of an individual, chiefly committed to a set of democratic political, social,
and ethical principles….

This is a work of great scholarship, which is readily accessible to a general
readership and is bound to generate much interest and debate, particularly in
the current climate of Iran’s domestic and international politics.

—Mansour Bonakdarian, Ph.D.

… Shokat has authored a most detailed and comprehensive political biography.
He offers a fresh look going above and beyond the existing simplistic and
one-sided ideologically based commentaries and judgments that are prevalent
in Iranian political discourse about Bakhtiar.

—Jaleh Pirnazar, University of California, Berkeley

The last months of the Pahlavi’s reign has been distinguished by the performance
of the King’s last Prime minister Shapour Bakhtiar… In an innovative,
well-researched and effectively written work, Shokat displays the life and
time of Bakhtiar with much accent on the period of his premiership… Prior
to examining the political biography of Bakhtiar, there was another Iranian
stateman whom about his political biography we had Shokat’s masterwork:
Caught in the Crossfire. A Political Biography of Qavam al-Saltaneh…
Therefore, it is not an act of baseless exaltation if one concludes that Shokat
becoming one of the compilers of writing biographies, especially the political
biographies in today Iran.

—Touraj Atabaki, International Institute of Social History

ISBN 978-1-58814-186-6

Ibex Publishers




Hamid Shokat is a historian who has
authored numerous books and articles
in Persian about the contemporary history
of Iran, and about political and
social movements of the twentieh century.

His earlier publications include two
books, Background to the Transition to
the One-Party System in Soviet Russia,
1917-1921 and The Lost Years: From
the October Revolution to Lenin’s Death,
which deal with the origins of the totalitarian
dictatorship in Russia and
its impact on the evolution of Marxist

Interviewing major figures of the Iranian
left, Shokat wrote the seminal
work A Look from Within at the Iranian
Leftist Movement. The first of the four
volumes was published in 1989. This
comprehensive study gives an original
and critical perspective on the behindthe
scene debates, theoretical struggles,
utopian dreams and tragedies of a generation
of the Iranian left.

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