Please Join #FriendsofNasrin and I Tomorrow at: PEN Nasrin Event Monday–Please register and circulate

Nima Nasserabadi
Dear Friends,
I know many of you already know about this event, and I hope you would join me tomorrow at this important event about Nasrin Sotoudeh and spread the word.
Hamid Akbari
Occasion: Nasrin Sotoudeh in Cardiac Unit
Event: PEN-Convisero will be hosting a live webinar  titled “Iran’s Mandela: Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Hunger Strike” this Monday, September 21 at 1 pm EST.
Participants: The Hon. Irwin Cotler from Raoul Wallenberg Center, former Canada justice minister, on global advocacy and importance of her case. Dr. Ladan Boroumand, from Boroumand Center for Human Rights, will discuss Nasrin’s importance in terms of the cases and clients whose rights she has defended (women, minors, monarchists, atheists, baha’i, protestors); Dr. Roya Boroumand will speak to the gravity of Nasrin’s demand (free political prisoners) by sharing Boroumand Center’s Report on Covid in Iran’s political prisons.  PEN’s Dr. Karin Karlekar will read a letter addressed to UNGA and the vision and actions taken by PEN’s Sotoudeh campaign; and Amir Soltani will conclude by speaking to the importance of this moment in terms of activism.
Moderator: Event moderated by Sherman Teichman and managed by Jerome Krumenkar, founders of Trebuchet, a platform that brings together context, content and community to elevate critical issues and accelerate global action for change.
Register and Circulate: We will be honored if you can join us. Zoom capacity limited to 500.  Please circulate and register by clicking on REGISTER tab on POSTER below.  (Printed copies available for those who join early and take action!)
Next Event: PEN-Convisero next event will feature a conversation with filmmakers Jeff Kaufman and Marcia Ross whose documentary film NASRIN which will be released on October 1st at the Boston Globe Film Festival.
As the United Nations marks the opening of its 75th anniversary General Assembly, Iranian activist and writer Nasrin Sotoudeh will mark the 42nd day of her hunger strike. Sotoudeh, Iran’s leading women’s rights lawyer, is demanding the release of political prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who is the woman described as Iran’s Mandela? Why does the situation of Sotoudeh and Iran’s political prisoners matter? And why must the world’s leaders, gathered at the UN, defend the UN Charter—principles of law, rights, dignity, and freedom—reflected in the plight of one woman?

Join PEN America and Convisero for our panel on Sotoudeh’s urgent and dire situation, and the importance of her case and her advocacy in a global context.

This event is in support of PEN America’s petition demanding Sotoudeh’s immediate and unconditional release, signed among many others by Ayad Akhtar, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Hillary Clinton, Geralyn Dreyfous, Khaled Hosseini, Kweku Mandela, Azar Nafisi, Samantha Power, and Gloria Steinem.

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